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1.) What species do you fish for?

On Lake Lanier we primarily target the hard fighting and ferocious spotted bass. However, we may catch other species on the trip such as largemouth bass, striped bass, walleye, crappie, and other types of panfish.  

2.) What do you use for bait?

We only use artificial lures in true bass sportsmanlike fashion. When targeting bass, artificial lures are designed to be more effective and efficient than live bait. If you make a special request to bring your own live bait, it may be permitted. If young children are part of your group, I may be especially willing to bring live bait to target fish. Please give me a heads up at least 5 days prior to the trip.

3.) What should I bring with me?

4.) Do you guarantee we catch fish?

  • A Valid 2024 Georgia Fishing License

  • Food/Snacks/Drinks

  • Weather appropriate clothing and outerwear. Dress for the conditions!

  • Sun protection (Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat, Neck Buffs, and other protective clothing)

I do not guarantee fish, but it is very rare that we get skunked targeting spotted bass. I can take you to where the fish should be, and I can teach you how to catch them, but I can't make the fish bite your lure. One thing I can guarantee is I will make sure you and your fishing friends have an exciting, enjoyable, and educational fishing adventure.I can only guarantee what's within the boundaries of my control. It's my commitment to use my decades of fishing experience and the professional fishing equipment that I've invested in over the years to help every angler try to catch fish. If you're not satisfied with your fishing experience with me, please tell me so I can make it right.

5.) Do you have a bathroom on board?

My 21' Phoenix unfortunately does not have a toilet due to the open deck design for maximum room and casting distance. However, nearly every boat ramp on the lake or marina has a restroom that you can use. Anywhere we fish, there will be a restroom nearby that I can run you to. 

6.) Can I keep my catch?

DS Guide Service practices CATCH AND RELEASE. While on our trips, we provide education on proper fish care and management which helps ensure our bass are released happy and healthy back into the water. The health of our water ways and fish must come first in order to continue to offer great fishing experiences for generations to come. 

7.) What is prohibited to bring?

Alcohol and Illegal drugs are prohibited to be brought aboard the vessel. Doing so will be an immediate cancellation of the trip with no refund. Cigarettes and Cigars are not encouraged, because of ash falling onto the boat carpet and burning holes. If you do smoke, any damages to the carpet due to ash you may be held liable for damages according to the DS Guide Service liability waiver and agreement. Vaping and dipping are allowed. ALSO NO BANANAS! 

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